The following guidelines apply when celebrating at an outdoor Mass:

  1. Check-in and Parking: At SKD, for the outdoor Masses, check-in is in the breezeway. If you are able, we encourage you to park in the front of the parish center and walk to the breezeway. If you are over 65 or otherwise need the convenience of a closer spot, pull up slowly to the breezeway and an usher will direct you through and where to park.

  2. Optional 'drive-in':  Alternatively, you may opt for the 'drive-in' choice to remain in your car (parked behind the Parish Center, near the outdoor chapel) to hear the Mass.

  3. Chairs: For those who choose to not remain in their cars, we encourage you to bring your own chairs. We will have some chairs available for those who are unable to bring their own.

  4. Inclement weather: If you bring a chair, you may sit under the solar panels in the event of rain.

  5. Bathrooms: The Parish Center will be still be open for you to use the bathroom in the narthex. 

  6. Dress: We encourage you to dress comfortably, considering the weather, but also with reverence.

  7. Cap: There is no limit on the number of people who can come to the outdoor Mass but we do encourage you to come early so we can space people out appropriately.

  8. Masks: We are still encouraging you to wear masks. However you are able to sing outside so there's some good news. So maybe warm your voice up at home!