Indoor AND Outdoor Masses

  • Masses in our parish are now INDOORS with the exception of the 8 AM Sunday Mass, which will continue to be at the OUTDOOR CHAPEL for now. NOTE: At this time of year of possible inclement weather, the Sunday 8 AM Mass may be indoors. Watch for a Flocknote update or call the parish office (209-223-2970) on Fridays for information.

  • At the 8 AM Sunday Outdoor Mass, please bring your own chairs and set them up outside the outdoor chapel. Alternatively, you may opt for the 'drive-in' choice to remain in your car (parked behind the Parish Center, near the outdoor chapel) to hear the Mass. Communion will be brought to you at your car after Mass. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend. Click here for other info about attending the 8 AM outdoor Mass.

  • Mass schedule. Click here for the Mass schedule. Includes special Masses during the month of November, as we remember the dead.

  • You can always attend a weekday Mass in place of a Sunday Mass as there is no obligation to attend on Sunday for now.

  • We encourage you to bring your own personal protective equipment (including hand sanitizer).

  • We do encourage you to wear a mask throughout the Mass.

  • If you are receiving Communion in the hand, please leave your mask on until the Host is placed in your hand. Those who are receiving on the tongue, please be at the end of the line and remove your mask before receiving.



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Welcome to the Catholic Community of Amador County! On behalf of the entire Parish Community we invite you to join us at our Sunday celebration of the Eucharist and come to know the great gift of faith lived out here in Gold Country. We continue to follow the path laid out by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who first founded the Catholic Church on the rock of Peter 2,000 years ago. Through His Church, we continue to be strengthened by the power of His sacraments, guided by His Word proclaimed in both Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and driven then to love our neighbor as Christ Himself. Join us as we continue to bring the Kingdom of God to Amador by bringing hearts to Jesus Christ!

-- Fr. Colin

The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ to be his continual and certain presence in the world. The invitation of Jesus 2,000 years ago remains for us as well. Come, follow me.

Want to find a way to serve the Lord?And also help others? And ultimately discover more of who you are? Find a way to volunteer and become a greater part of our parish family.

Feel like your faith has grown stagnant? Searching for something more? Follow these 10 essential elements of a vibrant and joyful life of faith. The Saints guarantee it. 



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Called together by Jesus Christ, who came to restore us to friendship with the Father, we continue the work of our Savior to bring salvation to all peoples through the life-giving Church He established.


Inspired by the example of St. Katharine Drexel, we strive to serve the Lord by:


  • Making the Eucharist the source and summit of our lives

  • Building intentional community

  • Preaching the Gospel to the people of Amador County

  • Forming missionary disciples

  • Reaching out to those in need


11361 Prospect Drive

Martell, CA

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11361 Prospect Drive

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Monday-Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

Phone calls and in-person visits with staff are welcome during these hours.

NOTE: Office closed on Thursday-Friday, November 26-27, 2020.

(209) 223-2970

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